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Name Jewellery by Material

Be it diamonds or birthstones, 14 karat gold or sterling silver, Namefully has exactly what you are looking for. Here's where you can search for name jewellery by material to find just the right look for you!
Gold Name Jewellery

If you're looking for a classic look crafted from the highest quality materials, 14 karat yellow or white gold name jewellery is the perfect way to go.

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Silver Name Jewellery

Timelessly beautiful and beautifully affordable! Sterling silver name jewellery makes a fabulous gift for someone you love . . . or even for yourself!

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Diamond Name Jewellery

For just that little bit of extra sparkle, add a diamond highlight to your name jewellery. Or for all out glitz and glamour . . . bring on the bling!

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Birthstone Name Jewellery

Add a splash of colour to your name jewellery with your birthstone or a gemstone of your choice. It's just one more way to make it 100% you.

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Gold-Plated Name Jewellery

Get the look of solid gold at a fraction of the price with name jewellery made from gold-plated silver.

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Two-Tone Name Jewellery

Can't decide between silver and gold? Two-tone name jewellery is just what you're looking for . . . it's the best of both worlds!

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Double-Thickness Jewellery

For a slightly thicker look and extra durability, name jewellery made from double-thick materials is the premium choice for long-lasting beauty.

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Name Jewellery by Material

Favored for its unique appearance, its symbolic value and its playful aesthetics, name jewellery, or personalized jewellery, is at the height of its popularity. Beautifully designed and made name jewellery can be found in a variety of types, styles and designs. Shopping for name jewellery, one can expect to find classically designed pieces such as yellow gold signature name necklaces and monogram rings, as well as name jewellery pieces with more modern and contemporary aesthetics, such as diamond and precious gemstone encrusted dog tag name pendants and colourful gold double-thickness name bracelets.

A jewellery piece’s design is only half of what determines its style. The materials, incorporated with the design will influence whether a given piece of name jewellery is considered more modern, classic, vintage or retro in style. Yellow gold, white gold, colourful gold, diamonds and precious gemstones, silver and birthstones are only some of the materials commonly used in fine personalized jewellery pieces. Two-tone name jewellery and double-thickness personalized jewellery pieces are also some of the more popular, and less conventional, types of finishings used in name jewellery to produce extraordinary pieces that are sure to dazzle and impress.

The material you chose for your name necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring will not only determine the piece’s respective style, it will also help in determining the cost of any given piece of name jewellery. For example, low karat yellow gold name jewellery is generally more affordable than diamond encrusted white gold pieces, while precious gemstone set name jewellery will be significantly more expensive than silver or gold plated name jewellery lacking any additional adornments and embellishments. Choose the material for your name jewellery with as much care as you would devote to choosing the type and style of your name jewellery pieces.

Learn About Name Jewellery Materials

Valued for its beautiful aesthetics as well as its sentimental symbolism, personalized jewellery pieces, or name jewellery, can be found in a wealth of styles and designs, from more classic yellow gold name jewellery pieces to more modern colourful gold and precious gemstone set pieces.

Gold Name Jewellery
Timelessly elegant, gold name jewellery is perhaps the most popular type of name jewellery when it comes to today’s jewellery market. Personalized jewellery pieces made with high karat yellow gold, white gold or colourful gold are valued for their amazing appearance, their romantic aesthetics, their classic beauty. Perfect for those customers who are looking for classic pieces of personalized jewellery, gold name jewellery is sure to impress.

Gold Plated Name Jewellery
Gold plated name jewellery includes personalized jewellery pieces that were originally made out of base metals and who were then plated with a delicate layer of high karat gold, imbuing the piece of jewellery with a beautiful, lustrous sheen. Gold plated name jewellery is popular for its charming allure, as well as its relative affordability, as gold plated name jewellery is significantly more cost efficient than name jewellery pieces made almost entirely out of solid gold.

Silver Name Jewellery
Sterling silver is one of the most popular precious metal alloys used in name jewellery, and in jewellery in general. Lustrous and sleek, yet relatively affordable, silver name jewellery is the perfect complement for any skin tone and its elegant and diverse look will be the perfect addition to your overall appearance.

Double-Thickness Name Jewellery
Valued for its sturdiness as well as its bold aesthetics, double thickness name jewellery is popular with both younger, and more mature, customers. Made with a double, strengthened layer of metallic alloy, double thickness name jewellery is sure to impress with its unique appearance and its incredible durability.

Two-Tone Name Jewellery
Combining two lovely, complementing metallic tones, two-tone name jewellery is popular with customers who cannot decide between the warm and romantic hues of yellow gold and the sleek, lustrous silver tones of sterling silver or white gold, and customers who are looking for a more adventurous, playful piece of personalized jewellery. Two-tone name jewellery is favored for its wonderful aesthetics as well as its striking, unique appearance.

Diamond Name Jewellery
Diamonds, symbolic for everlasting beauty, rarity and elegance, are the perfect embellishment for your personalized jewellery pieces. Having the power to transform an otherwise relatively plain piece of jewellery into a stunning, glamorous piece which is sure to astonish and astound, diamond set name jewellery is a highly sought after commodity, popular for its sentimental symbolism as well as its luxuriousness.

Birthstone Name Jewellery
Colourful and vibrant birthstones are a charming adornment for your personalized jewellery and are a great for individualizing any given piece of jewellery. Combining the sentimentality of a beautifully designed, personalized piece of jewellery with a multitude of vibrant birthstones will result in a playful, yet symbolic, jewellery piece.